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Accident Claim Advice

Accident Claim Advice

UK Law Experts is here to assist you in the event of you suffering some form of personal injury and thinking of making an accident compensation claim.

You may be entitled to make an accident claim for many different accidents such as road traffic accidents, work accidents, slip, trip and falls, sports injuries and whiplash injuries.accident claims

If you’re seeking to claim for compensation and not sure of how to proceed, then Accident Claims Advice is here to help.

We provide free advice, a free initial consultation by phone, have our own in-house personal injury solicitors (we are not a claims management company) with years of experience with No Win No Fee claims, and a team of advisors that can answer your questions and who also assist our solicitors.

Types of Accident Claims

  • Road Traffic Accidents
  • Work accidents
  • Accidents in a Public Place
  • Slips, Trips or Falls accidents
  • General Accidents

The average Accident Claim Compensation amount

How much compensation you can claim for personal injury, or accident claim differs from case to case. If you’d like to know what compensation you might be able to claim for your own personal injury then the best advice would be to ask a personal injury solicitor.

Should you wish us to evaluate your claim then we can do so, and at no cost. Our No Win No Fee solicitors are vastly experienced in all manner of accident claims and all it usually takes is about 10 minutes on the phone with ourselves so that we can go through some details about your accident injury.

Our solicitors and advisors are all professional people but they are also friendly and understanding, and there is no pressure from us to take your claim on should you not wish us to do so.

Below is a drop down table that displays average personal injury compensation claim amounts. Although this will help in giving you a good idea of what your accident claim compensation might be, they are not to be taken strictly as fact as all claims differ from one to the next depending on your specific injury, and circumstances involved.

What if you’re the driver?

A driver can make a road traffic accident claim for loss and injuries if another person or party was responsible for the accident. This is usually another driver, however, under some situations, the accident might have been caused due to the negligent actions of a different party. For instance, if the roads weren’t gritted so they stayed icy and in a dangerous condition, an accident claim can be submitted against the party accountable for keeping the roads maintained.

In the event the accident also involved a cyclist or pedestrian that were later found to be at fault, an accident claim might still be made despite the fact that the offending party might not possess sufficient or any insurance cover. Nonetheless, in these instances, it might not be worth bringing forward an accident claim.

How do you stand as a passenger?

A passenger who has been involved in a road traffic accident in practically all instances can bring a successful personal injury claim for damages in which they have experienced injuries.

Passengers are in general considered as blameless casualties that have suffered because of somebody else’s negligence. Even so, failing to conform to the law in regards to the wearing of a seat belt could determine the level of damages received in any accident claims award.